The Method Effect has worked with over 18,000 individuals and with over 400 corporations. These programs provide excellent opportunities for advancing leaders, managers, staffers and sales professionals, and are always customized to meet the exact needs of our client.

Sales Training Calgary

Teamwork, Leadership, Change Management

7.5 hours

This program will be customized for leadership, management or staff. In this session we explore how to work as a team, apply leadership skills within the business and how to effectively work in a changing workplace including the necessary skills to apply and lead change.

Core activities will include:

  • Understanding effective teamwork
  • How to play nice
  • Do’s and don’ts of effective communication
  • How and when to act and perform as a leader
  • Why leadership is required at every level in the business
  • Effective change management strategies, including how to deal with the stress of change
  • Staying focused
  • Workplace requirements for a hassle-free workplace

This program focuses on immediately applicable soft skills for the workplace. The program includes classroom learning, workshops and interactive exercises.

PS. Why do we include Change Management? Change is the most challenging and awarding corporate condition. Leaders who understand the 5 W’s of change will perform better and have greater success.

Advanced Leadership for Managers, Directors and C-Suite

7.5 hours

Taking it deeper, this program focuses on the 8 levels of leadership, starting with directive leadership, progressing to collaborative leadership. We will explore how, when, why and where to execute the necessary leadership level. Core activities will include:

  • The 8 levels of leadership explained and how to apply them situationally
  • Understanding diversity
  • How to lead a respectful and accountable team
  • Advanced communication techniques including both verbal and written
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • The people, process, environment and technology equation
  • Establishing a structure for succession

This program takes a deeper dive into leadership and uses case studies and real life examples of how to be an effective and efficient leader.

Behavioral Style Training using the TTI DISC INSIGHTS program system

*For teamwork, sales or leadership

7.5 hours

CUSTOMIZED to fit either teamwork, sales or leadership, this program will train your team how to work effectively with others, be an effective leader or sell better, along with effective workplace performance. Core topics of the training will include:

  • Understanding behavioral styles using the Insights Behavioral Program
  • How to effectively approach, communicate with and maximize relationships
  • How to work effectively within the business including working with team members and management
  • Learning on introversion, extroversion, task and people focus
  • How to reward and inspire using DISC
  • Effective communication using DISC
Leadership Training Calgary

The program will include a behavioral profile for each participant along with briefs.

Change Management Calgary

** NOTE – 10.5 hours (1.5 day program), add DRIVING FORCES. If DISC is the “how” people act, Workplace Motivators and PIAV is the “why” people act.

This additional session explores what drives us. It includes a personalized comprehensive report on the 12 human drivers for each participant and workshop items exploring:

  • The 12 driving forces
  • How the driving forces rank and present themselves in each participant
  • How to engage and motivate based on personal goals
  • How to establish an effective remuneration strategy for maximum motivation
  • Advanced communication and relationship building skills
  • WHAT NOT TO DO’s with team members

Sales and Customer Relations Part 1

7.5 hours

This program will train your team on how to be more effective in gaining customer trust, recommending treatments and creating long term customer relationships.

Management Training Calgary

Core topics of the training will include:

  • Effective ways to educate the customer
  • How to use body language, verbal cues and effective dialogue to inspire clients
  • How to apply the Insights Behavioral training to customer relationships (if applicable)
  • How to build good first impression, probe, qualify, quantify, demonstrate and gain a commitment from a client
  • How to overcome objections and understand the difference between a condition and an objection
  • How to conduct a delicate conversation with a client

This workshop will be focus 70% on theory and 30% on practice and will consist of a mix of video, lecture and interactive activities. Participants will complete worksheets and be provided with program briefs.

Sales and Customer Relations Part 2

7.5 hours

In this second sales and relations program we will focus on application of the theoretical items. Core activities will consist of:

  • Review of sales and relations part one items, including review homework assignments from part one
  • Basic strategic territory planning
  • Tactical application of customer relation and sales skills in the practice
  • Roll play including video

This portion of the training will be highly interactive. Participants will be coached and through roll play learn how to apply all learned skills.

Management Training Calgary

Presenting with Power – Presentation Skills Basics (one or two-day sessions)

7.5 hours or 2 day 15 hours

A “must have” program for any manager or leader who needs to engage with small or large groups, this program focuses on the basics of creating and delivering an excellent presentation.

We will cover:

  • Determining purpose
  • Developing an outline
  • Building a presentation template
  • How to effectively use presentation aids
  • How to start and engage your group
  • Getting to the point
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • How to finish with authority
  • Roll play including video

This program is a confidence builder and will inspire and motivate all participants.

PS. Nothing builds confidence in people more than learning how to be an effective public speaker!


Each individual program fee is $650.00 per person including all materials.

Pick four (4) programs for a fixed rate of $2400.00.

Add $350.00 for Driving Forces bolt-on.

Program B and C must be provided together as one two day program.

Programs can be held on site, or at a selected location. Minimum group size 8 persons (contact us for smaller groups), GST is extra.

Emotional Quotient

The Emotional Quotient™ (EQ) report looks at a person's emotional intelligence, which is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity. The report was designed to provide insight into two broad areas: Self and Others.

Research shows that successful leaders and superior performers have well-developed emotional intelligence skills. This makes it possible for them to work well with a wide variety of people and to respond effectively to the rapidly changing conditions in the business world. In fact, a person's EQ may be a better predictor of success performance than intelligence (IQ). Emotional intelligence is an area that a participant can focus on and develop regardless of your current score in each dimension. One model to help assess one’s emotional levels throughout the day is to check your emotional clarity.

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters:

Identify how well your client’s employees manage emotions and impact relationships with others. They will be utilizing the Emotional Quotient (EQ) report which assesses five areas of emotional intelligence such as self and social regulation.

EQ is an assessment tool that can help you sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity. You can enable your clients’ employees to manage emotions effectively using the EQ assessment to work better together.

Your Peers Use EQ To:

  • Build strong relationships by revealing insights of emotional self and social regulation
  • Navigate organizational change by bringing sense, understanding of emotions
  • Empower leaders of today and discover leaders of tomorrow
  • Reduce team conflicts and improve productivity

EQ is a great match to DISC as it gives lots of insights to what to expect from the different behavioral styles in different situations.

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