Fast Growth Strategies, Innovation, Commercialization, and Training/Coaching Calgary

We specialize in strategy, business optimization, innovation, commercialization, corporate training and strategic direction for fast growth and high value businesses wishing to improve their business structure and strategy. This includes bringing new products or services to market, marketing and sales, customer facing activities, how to maximize leadership capability, how to retain executives, strategic clarity and direction, and execution of high performance teamwork. Key sectors include oil and gas, manufacturing, IT, energy, finance, medical dental, retail, distribution, import/export, operating in the B2B and B2C space. Having worked with over 400 organizations and with over 15,000 people trained, we know what we are doing and are good at it!

Business Growth Strategic People

With principals and associates representing both time proven ideals and cutting edge concepts, we deliver systems and programs that will immediately provide results. Our verticals include oil and gas, cleantech, energy, IT, hi-tech, distribution, banking, B2B, B2C and retail.

We stay current and follow our four strategic values of:


Practiced technical expertise


Maximized utilization of teams and assets


Ensuring that your customer facing activities are clean and effective


Being smart business people

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Our Project Management Strategy

We believe in the method of discovery, design and deployment. We will work with you to discover and determine your current and desired states, design a bridge to get you from point A to point B and then work with you to ensure that you get there.

Success is an algorithm. It combines people, process, technology and environment, with skills, attitude and knowledge. It requires goals, strategies and tactics, and an ever present desire to win.

Our Credentials

Following a 20 year career in business management, Chuck Bean founded Baxter Bean & Associates a Calgary based boutique consultancy which quickly became a Canadian leader in consulting services. Morphed into The Method Effect in 2014, Chuck and his team continue to work intimately with fast growth and niche market corporations and executives to help them maximize their opportunity, revenue and profit.

Our Experience

Geo-market experience – Canada, US, China, South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pac, Russia
Market spaces – O&G, Cleantech, IT, Technology, Alternative Energies, Medical, Dental, Fitness, Building Products, Automotive, Lab Services, Paper and Wood Products, Chemicals, Government Services, Non-for-Profit
Sectors – Industrial, Services, Consumer Packaged Goods, B2B, B2C, Away From Home, Consumables, Edibles.