Sales is a sport and the best salespeople need to knock out the competition and score with the customer.

The best salespeople have an unwavering desire to succeed. They never give up, cherish their customers, live and breathe like their product and represent themselves to the highest standards. Organized? You bet! Working 24/7? Yep.

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Through Chuck Bean’s sales strategy and training, I grew my company sales from 3 million to 350 million in 9 years.” James Athans US GM – PPES

We’ll Be In Your Corner…

All of your marketing efforts are dependant on the Sales team, and the best marketing in any organization, walks around on two legs. Customer facing is the moment of truth for any B2B or B2C sales organization. Does your sales team represent your message, operate effectively and deliver the results you want?

The number one question asked by Sales Directors is

“Do I have a good team?”

They wonder if:

  • Their team is using time effectively or spending too much desk or windshield time?
  • Are they calling on value customers rather than duds?
  • Do they have what it takes to close strategic goals?

At The Method Effect we are different. 40 years of sales training experience can do that! Our sales coaching and sales training is experiential, not textbook. People are challenged and tested. Strategic services draw on experience not theory.

With over 400 corporations served and over 16,000 people trained or coached, we don’t mess around!

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  • Sales Planning Calgary

The Method effect generally works with sales teams of 6 to 100, with sales territories of 1 million and above, including individual executive sales coaching.

Sell More

Face to face, on the phone, on the web and via email. A good sales strategy requires that your people connect and communicate with clients both on site, in their offices, in public settings and in non face-to-face environments. It also requires specialization, differentiation, segmentation and concentration. No business can afford to apply the same sales strategy across all client channels and opportunities, rather, it starts with having a multi-layered strategy.

As much as 80 percent of selling today is accomplished by clients first researching products and services and then connecting through technology (phone, text, email, social media) with the sales group. Effective sales strategies may need to include effective image management, real time connectivity and heightened tactical skills to deal with well-informed customers that can quickly turn away if they wish.

Chasing potential and existing customers with outside sales teams is expensive, while using inside salespeople to create strong relationships with larger critical clients can cost you a sale if not done right. What is required is segmenting clients and applying the appropriate contact strategy based on the value they bring to your business.

And tracking activities is not all of it. Establishing a good sales process that includes effective sales planning and intelligence gathering is hyper-critical. We believe that every time you launch a sales campaign, be it advertising or one to capture just one key customer; there is a moment of truth. Once you press your launch button, you better hit your target. Miss the target and you cannot recapture the acquisition costs.

Sales Strategies – Effective Time Management, Cold Calling, Real Time Connectivity and Heightened Tactical Skills

As much as 30 to 60 percent of selling today is accomplished by clients first researching products and services and then connecting through technology with the sales group. Effective sales strategies may need to include effective image management, real time connectivity and heightened tactical skills to deal with well-informed customers that can quickly turn away if they wish.

We will ensure your potential and existing clients feel valued.

Sell Better

Sales People. On the street, face to face, strategically and tactically. An effective, multi-managed approach to driving your customer facing activities. There are different types; transactional selling, multi-relational selling and collaborative selling. There are steps to take; sell your idea, sell yourself and sell yourself executing your idea. We should talk proof and we should talk persuasion. We need to build trust and influence.

Sales is a complex recipe and the secret is to know how to not just be a cook, but a chef; how not to just follow the recipe, but to create a sales experience. That is where the prize is.

Sales Is also a Science – Effective Territory Planning and Tactical Sales Execution

We believe that sales is a science… a science of effective territory planning and a science of tactical sales execution. Both require the right people, getting the people right, the right training and the right processes.

Territory Planning With Strategic Mapping™

Territory planning requires thoughtful, logical strategies to ensure that every sales step taken will deliver maximum value. Tactical sales execution requires that your customer facing activities create the relationships or results that you are expecting. The Method Effect uses Strategic Mapping™ sales tools to ensure that every activity is a winner.

Think ROTI (Return on Time Invested)

Forget ROI, with sales think of ROTI (return on TIME invested). Your sales efforts are time sensitive. Every moment of the day, your sales team is either wasting time or building sales, and effective territory planning coupled with effective sales skills will ensure the latter…growing the numbers.

What Makes Strategic Mapping™ So Good?

Strategic Mapping™ focuses not just on activities like a CRM, but on deep planning as well. Without the right plan, activities are just a waste of time. Developed from years of observing high performance team and from studying military strategies and decision making, Strategic Mapping™ strengthens planning efforts to ensure that salespeople are gathering the right customer intelligence to make informed sales focused decisions. Data just takes up storage space without strategic direction.

Sell Yourself Using Strategic Mapping™ and Tactical Sales Training

Sell yourself, sell your idea and sell yourself executing your idea. Once the plan has been completed, Strategic Mapping™ training teaches your sales team the needed sales skills to close sales. Closing sales … the end game, correct?

Territory Planning

CRM's are amazing at tracking progress, but they suck at planning!!! CRM's monitor "who, where and what" is going on, but miss the "why". We believe WHY is the starting point. If you don't have the "Why" determined, your sales team could very easily be racing to a dead end. And pipelines are incredibly inaccurate. Assessing the chance of a sale closing at 70% because a proposal has been delivered is completely wrong. Assessing the chance of closing because the salesperson has created a relationship with ALL decision makers is completely correct.

Enter Chronos Works, a system that qualifies and quantifies prospects and customers, before they hit the pipeline. Chronos Works is a time tested sales territory planning app that establishes which sales targets have the best chance of closing first and guides sales people towards a successful outcome.

Sales Planning Calgary

Chronos uses time tested algorithms with AI and machine learning to create a clear picture of who the best sales targets are.

We call it ROTI.. return on time invested. Our program creates a total territory outlook based on client size and client relationship. This outlook drives sales professionals to work on the highest value opportunities, maximize time, and make their numbers.

The Sales Process

Sales Planning Calgary


Sales Coaching & Training in Calgary: Unlocking Your Sales Potential

At The Method Effect, we specialize in:

Calgary Sales Coaching

Calgary Sales Coaching is more than just a buzzword; it's a powerful tool to drive your business forward. At The Method Effect, we understand that a well-coached sales team can make the difference between reaching your goals and surpassing them. Our expertise in sales coaching strategies ensures that your team is equipped with the skills and mindset needed for success. Our high-performance sales coaching programs are designed to elevate your team's abilities to the next level. We believe that every salesperson has untapped potential, and our professional sales coaching unlocks that potential. With our guidance, your team will learn proven techniques to close deals, overcome objections, and build lasting customer relationships.

Calgary Sales Training

Calgary Sales Training is another cornerstone of our services. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Our comprehensive training programs equip your team with the latest sales techniques and strategies to thrive in any market. But it's not just about the sales techniques; it's about fostering a winning mindset.

Our experienced business coach Calgary team knows how to inspire and motivate your sales professionals to achieve their best. We provide them with the tools they need to set and exceed their targets consistently.

So, why choose The Method Effect for your sales coaching and training needs? Our track record speaks for itself. We've helped numerous businesses in Calgary and beyond achieve remarkable growth and success through our coaching and training programs. We understand the unique challenges that businesses in Calgary face, and we tailor our approach to address these specific needs.

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential With Our Comprehensive Sales And Leadership Strategies. Our Services Include Sales Coaching, Training and Strategy, Business Strategic Planning, Leadership & Management Training, Brand Management, Executive Coaching and Popular Training Programs.

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