You are either leading or following and there in no middle ground. Leadership skills are learned. Leaders are made. Supervisors, Managers, Directors and C-Suite Executives must be able to mobilize teams of people for success.

With over 30 years of experience developing great leaders we know how to create extraordinary leadership. Individuals, teams and corporations. Assessing, training and coaching.

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  • Leadership Coaching Calgary

Leadership Requires Social Skills – Take Risks, Be Thoughtful, Make Good Decisions, Value the Business and Communicate Well

Leadership requires an ability to take calculated risks, and drive change. And it can be lonely at the top. Our research has proven that great leaders are much more than just technical experts. They are thoughtful, great communicators, smart decision makers and value both the soft and hard assets in a business. Unless you manage nothing but machines, you are going to need social skills to manage people.

Machines don’t call in sick, people do. When you give a machine instructions, it will do exactly what you ask of it. We all know what people might do. The bottom line is that unless you are working alone or under a rock, you are going to have to interact and know how to engage and execute people management strategies.

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All Work is Done in Teams

In our increasingly complex business environments, teamwork equals success. You will never see a coach stop training until the team wins a game. Teamwork training should be ongoing, and is a necessary contributor to success. Teamwork requires the right people, the right processes and a collective ability to engage in the business environment. Teams must agree on goals and must be focused on achieving them. More over, teams must paddle and point in the same direction. Having a team that is confused, disengaged or politically negative can spell disaster.

Teams still need to execute the same basic principles for success that have worked for thousands of years. Debate, agree, consolidate and take action together. But there is more. To understand how teams “click”, we use Insights DISC colors programs from TTI, along with Workplace Motivators and PIAV reports and programs to create great teams. We are also Myers Briggs MBTI capable.

Challenges of Being on a Team – Information Access, Communication, Management and “Systems”

So why all are there so many challenges with teams getting it right and working together? Access to information, hyper communication, layered management and over-exposure to systems has created a potboiler of variation and complexity that causes teams to “self challenge”; slowing them down and creating roadblocks.Add to this the need for each team member to understand working behaviours and individual motivators and teamwork becomes even more complex.

Succession Planning is a Team Event

Succession Planning – who is going to move up, move over, or move along? What are you doing to ensure that your future is in good hands? Whether you are a family business of publicly traded company, success planning is important to the long term life of the business. Often, succession planning is driven at the board level, through board committee which allows a more holistic view of company direction.

It is a known fact that high performance people will never lose their desire to compete, meaning that they may purposely choose someone that will not perform as well as they did. Leadership can be a nasty business. Succession planning is a team event!

Who gets to pick? The team of course. It goes back to fit, feel and science, just like hiring. Using analytics, statistics, patterns and odds, along with a number of other factors will allow the organization to build a pool of candidates.

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