Where are you going? Seriously… do you know where you are going? Does your team agree with your direction or they doing their own thing?

Do you have an engaging, focused vision that over-arches everything you do?

Strategic direction requires a vision, a mission, values and guiding principles that reflect the overall goals of ownership and management.

It should be leader developed and shared and supported by the team. It needs to be “meaty” with clear goals, clear reward and a clear action plan.

And… it need not be overly complex. Sometimes it can be on the back of a cocktail napkin.

At The Method Effect we help you create a unique actionable strategic plan to grow your business and increase your value.

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  • Strategic Planning Calgary
  • Strategic Planning Calgary
  • Strategic Planning Calgary
  • Strategic Planning Calgary
  • Strategic Planning Calgary
  • Strategic Planning Calgary

A Clear Path to Follow

A strategic plan provides a path to follow and is built from your strategic community. Strategic plans require input and buy-in from all functional areas and interest groups. It must be leader initiated, supported, shared, debated and reviewed regularly, much like using a map for a road trip. Your plan will have to allow for shifts in business, markets, economics and will need to be quickly adaptable.

A Second Set of Eyes

Often high performance people and high performance organizations need outside management to ensure that their value is realized. Business leaders can develop corporate “scotomas”, focusing too heavily on what is directly in front of them and failing to see the bigger picture. The Method Effect uses a simple proprietary model to establish your value objectives and to keep you on the value path.

Download our Value of Value e-paper.

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Strategic Planning Calgary

Create a Plan and Focus on a Few Ideas Rather than Many

The technology revolution and information age has created a multitude of grey noise. Every minute there is a new way or a new idea. Studying them all will create business paralysis.

Without a plan, we become exposed to countless options, and the bigger the company the greater the grey noise. This creates confusion, inefficiency and ultimately disaster. Sort of like running out of gas before you get to your destination. Effective planning means not just creating but taking action with the strategy.

Plans Help to Create Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

Think of it this way. Vision is what you want to be or your business destination. Mission is how you are going to get there and the key strategic activities that are regularly required. Guiding Principles represent the influencers that keep you from swaying off track.

Experience Combined With New, Exciting Business Models – We Will Test Your Vision and Strategies for You

Using both experience and newly developed business models, we will work with you to determine the durability of your vision and core strategies. Once we have clarified the big picture, we help you break it into achievable action steps and tactics, apply timelines, assign responsibility and coach you to take action. Since 1998 we have provided strategic direction to 100’s of companies and assisted in delivering over 100 billion dollars in revenue.

Strategic Planning Calgary


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