Mike Brost
Vice President, Sinclair Dental

  • The Method Effect

I first met Chuck Bean almost 20 years ago when I was a highly successful salesperson who was just promoted to a junior sales management position. I didn’t know much about management and leadership but I knew that I needed help. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears and thankfully for me, I found Chuck Bean. If you want someone to coddle you and reassure you that everything you are doing is great, don’t look for Chuck. If you are looking for someone who will inspire you to challenge your thoughts and actions, to look deep within yourself and your business into places that make most people uncomfortable, and to make you the very best you possible, then Chuck Bean is the answer. Under Chuck’s guidance, mentorship and friendship over the years I have continued to grow personally and professionally from a junior sales manager, to a vice-president sales position to a national sales director. The principles and wisdom past from Chuck continue to guide me today. If you are ready to commit to excellence and serious personal and professional development, you need to meet Chuck Bean and let your journey begin.