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We specialize in business optimization, commercialization, corporate training and strategic direction for fast growth and high value businesses wishing to improve their business structure and strategy, bring new products or services to market, marketing and sales, customer facing activities, maximize leadership capability, retain executives, be clear with strategies and direction, and execute high performance teamwork. This includes corporations in oil and gas, manufacturing, IT, energy, finance, distribution, import/export, operating in the B2B and B2C space.
Who are we?

With principals and associates representing both conservative, time proven ideals and fresh, cutting edge concepts, we deliver systems and programs that will immediately provide results. Our verticals include energy, IT, hi-tech, distribution, banking, B2B, B2C and more. We stay current and follow our four strategic values of:

  • Practiced technical expertise
  • Maximized utilization of teams and assets
  • Ensuring that your customer facing activities are clean and effective
  • Being smart business people
Our Philosophy

We believe in the method of discovery, design and deployment. We will work with you to discover and determine your current and desired states, design a bridge to get you from point A to point B and then work with you to ensure that you get there.

Success is an algorithm. It combines people, process and environment, with skills, attitude and knowledge. It requires goals, strategies and tactics, and an ever present desire to win.

Our Credentials

Been there, done that. Our team has been around the track. Having worked with some of the fastest growing companies in the world, we are experienced and able.

Mission Critical to Success
Engaged People
Scalable Process
Defined Environment
Applied Technologies

Clients Serviced

Professionals Trained

Revenue Assisted

Revenue - The Prize

For any business to survive, it must do two things, create revenue & profit and; ultimately without revenue, there is no profit. Seems simple enough right? Consider:

  • Inventors? You still have to sell it. There are 400 new mousetrap patents applications every year. 1 in 1000 makes it to market. Just because you have an idea, doesn’t mean it is going to sell.
  • Managers? You are either leading or following – there is no middle ground. Manage it or lose it. Growth requires guidance and as a business leader you are charged with leading change, guiding others and taking the heat.
  • Teamwork? All work today is done by teams and it is critical that teams be aligned on goals or your organization will lose precious time and energy.
  • Going to market? Messaging is critical. 83% of people today do not trust advertising. 70% will make a buying decision based on a personal recommendation from online users. 80% of buyers have completed 90% of their research before they will engage a vendor.
  • Managing profit? Respecting capital is the name of the game. Optimizing your profits are critical. Business is like swimming, whether the seas are rough or the seas are calm, what you have to do is keep your head above the water.
Meet our team
chuck bean
Chuck (Charlie) Bean

Founder and CEO. Past President of Baxter Bean & Associates, along with a rich history of managing private and public companies. Chuck drives strategy, executive management, executive sales and marketing training and strategies.

Dallas Poscente

Dallas Poscente, Training and Coaching Associate, Calgary. Dallas is an enthusiastic people person with a passion for coaching, team building, customer service and client relations.

Tash Marshall Bean

Tash, Tasha, Tashie works in the fitness space, specializing in creating value with boutique studios. This includes working with founders and instructors. Visit to learn more.

Avnish Mehta

Principal of StandandCommand and business friend and collaborator. Stationed in Calgary, Avnish and Chuck have worked together for almost 15 years. As the Principal at StandandCommand, Avnish focuses on a full suite of public speaking, management training and business strategy. His joy is working in the non-for-profit space helping those in need run effective organizations.

Benoit Duchense

Canadian Associate Duchense Formation. Located in Montreal, Benoit has partnered with Chuck Bean for over 6 years. Ben specializes in teamwork, sales, management and communications training and coaching. Servir en français et en anglais

Cassandra Dawson

Founder of SEO Candyland, Internet Marketing Specialist, website consultant and business compatriot. Cassie is located in Vancouver, BC and has been an inbound marketer for 16 years, with a focus on SEO for the last 8. She also provides PPC, web design, web development, Web Content, Email Marketing and inbound marketing integration services.

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