Our Team

Chuck Bean

Chuck (Charlie) Bean started his business career at age 6, collecting golf balls at the local driving range for pennies. “I would spend every Saturday and Sunday making enough money to buy a bottle of pop or a candy bar in the concession”, tells Chuck. Soon after he was selling golf balls to players on the local course, and even beer! “I guess I learned a lot about sales back then. Some days I would bring home more money than my Father”, a farmer / truck driver.

Fast forward and Chuck was a fresh professional salesperson in the wood products industry having been awarded top Canadian Salesperson out of a team of 70 two years running. Management followed as a local then regional manager. Moving into the paper industry, Chuck carried on with regional and then national turnarounds, eventually being named VP Sales and Service overseeing a team of 180 inside and outside salespeople, managers and directors.

Forming Baxter Bean in 1998 and working inside the Canadian Brian Tracey network, Chuck quickly grew the company as a leading Management consulting company providing leadership, sales and strategic direction… training, coaching and guidance.

During the last 20 years Chuck will tell you he has had a great ride. Besides having worked with over 400 companies and over 16,000 individuals, Chuck has consulted and guided some of Calgary’s biggest stars including working as COO for what was one of the largest specialty energy service companies in the world.

Today Chuck specializes in developing strategies, and delivering training and coaching in leadership, sales, communication, business value building and teamwork. He is no-nonsense and pragmatic and has helped people and corporations succeed for over 40 years. He will call a spade a spade and work quickly to understand, address and help fix problems, identify opportunities and identify challenges.

Chuck is a panel expert with ChinaGoAbroad, certified in Insights and PIAV, and Speaker and Lecturer for the Masters of Energy Program at the University of Tulsa, The University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.

He has developed business strategies for almost every geo-market and has worked extensively in oil and gas, general industry, IT, electronics, dental, paper, chemical, wood products and consumer packaged goods. He specializes in B2B and channel type organizations.

He has authored/contributed to books with Dr. Stephen Covey, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Ken Blanchard and is a regular columnist with Business of Energy Magazine.

Chuck has previously held positions as COO, VP Sales, Director and CEO of numerous corporations with revenues in excess of a billion dollars. He currently sits on five corporate boards.

Nikki Brown

Nikki Brown found a love for working in a fast-paced environment at an early age, working as a hostess in the restaurant industry. While concentrating on her University studies with a focus in Psychology and Sociology, she continued to find success within the hospitality space. Nikki was eager to expand her hospitality knowledge and began moving through multiple positions ranging from Marketing Assistant, Financial Administration, and Manager by the age of 19. Nikki has always demonstrated a passion for leadership, fostered collaborative relationships, and the push for excellence.

Shortly after moving to an office administration position, Nikki felt a desire to re-enter the hospitality industry and realized she thrived in the chaos of a rapidly changing environment. Nikki postponed her studies to forego a typical job and immerse herself in that space. Within a year, Nikki worked her way to General Manager of a well-known Calgary restaurant group where she was tasked with developing and managing a cohesive team of employees, managing budgets including sales and labour targets, to ensure profitability and growth along with scheduled sales forecasts.

Finding success as General Manager, Nikki was presented the opportunity to open a fresh new fine dining establishment in the role of AGM, being responsible to recruit, train and develop a team of forty plus employees. During this tenure, she successfully carried out a prosperous sales plan and built an honorable brand. During her time in the hospitality industry, she developed an extensive customer service reverence focusing on engaging with new clientele, creating memorable experiences, and developing lasting relationships with regular customers.

A dedicated Yoga instructor, her passion for mental health awareness and personal development is what drives her to continue the path of working closely with others to coach and develop new learning behaviours, effective communication skills, improve work productivity, teamwork and leadership skills.

At The Method Effect, Nikki Brown is a certified DISC and Driving Forces specialist. She provides training coaching and consulting on what makes people tick, and her extensive background in psychology, sociology and people skills gives her a keen insight into how to be effective, productive, and work as a valuable team member.

Janet Wright

A native of Southern Ontario, Janet received her B.Sc in Psychology and Masters in Adult Education and counselling from the University of Toronto. Entering her executive career, she quickly found a passion for executive coaching and training that has spanned 25 years.

Janet will tell you, “Simply put, I help leaders lead people. The leaders I have worked with – both new and experienced, consistently tell me that people issues are the most challenging aspect of their roles. That is what I love to do. Help them through these issues to a successful outcome.”

Janet and Chuck first met in 1998 and as partners built Baxter Bean & Associates into one of the leading Calgary consulting and training providers.

Janet has worked with individuals and organizations to build skills for growth and success, improving effectiveness in leadership, communication, performance management and team development.

She is also a certified conflict mediator which gives her a special skill set in working through difficult and challenging organizational problems.

She serves clients from a wide range of backgrounds and industries. With a direct and logical communication style, Janet connects well with leaders who are adept at the technical aspects of their jobs but would like help with their people responsibilities.

​Entertaining and approachable Janet is a facilitator who enables participants to focus on the practical application of proven techniques. As a coach, she creates a positive, supportive space that inspires new ideas and actions and builds confidence.

​In addition to her business consulting activities, Janet has led Human Resources in the hospitality industry, owned a small business, mediated conflicts for the Alberta Civil Court and taught psychology and assertiveness training at the community college level.

​Janet is also certified and experienced in a range of assessment tools including DISC, MBTI, Workplace Motivators, EQi and SuccessFinder.

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Benoit Duchesne

Benoit is a seasoned professional coach and trainer having spent over 20 years working with corporations and individuals in the disciplines of leadership, sales, service, teamwork and personal best!

Our “French Connection”, Benoit provides services to the Quebec and Ontario markets in both official languages. Benoit and Chuck first met in 2006 when they teamed up on a major national training project and are still great friends today!

Bennie developed a thirst for training and coaching having first worked in the Franklin Covey organization. “It was an amazing learning experience” Ben will say. “I learned so much, not just about how to teach the 7 Habits, but about how to apply them to myself. I still use them today!”

His intuitive and reflective nature is valued by everyone he works with. His love of life along with a lifelong desire to understand human behavior is evident in everything he does.

Benoit is energizing and after meeting him, clients are quickly engaged. His workshops are insightful, with his specialization in the “4 types de comportement” workshops being his signature offering. He is also a certified business coach and works with a large compliment of business executives through one-to-one sessions.

Benoit’s client specialties are Dental, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food Products, Agriculture, Industrial and Services. He is regularly asked to speak at conferences due to his exciting stage presence and ability to connect with his audience.

Benoit is a graduate of the University of Ottawa BA, is certified in Franklin Covey 7 Habits and has worked in numerous Director of Sales roles including the Franklin Covey organization.

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